23 Mar
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The Witcher 3: Video Game Review

Some badass half monster dude goes on an adventure

Oh man what a game! I hesitated to buy it for a while because of my bad experience with The Witcher 2, which I had bought on Steam (on sale) and had never got past the first two hours of gameplay. I guess I found the controls awkward and frustrating, and I couldn't stand the non-open RPG structure of the game (having spent so much time in Skyrim). If you're going to play the Witcher 3 on PC, I have two tips for you:

  • Use a controller (the good old Xbox 360 controller for PC is probably the best).
  • Deactivate the minimap. It will greatly increase the feeling of immersion. You'll be forced to pay attention to the environment instead of focusing on the minimap. Of course you'll check out the menu map once in a while, try to memorize your way then wander off. At least that's the way I enjoy playing.

The Good:

  • No loading screens!! Once you're in the world, no loading screen to enter a house and barely any when you fast travel. It's quite a change from Skyrim where you spend half your (literally) time waiting for the next tiny room to load.
  • The best nature I've ever seen in a video game: the trees and the grass move in the wind, the lighting changes beautyfully depending on the time of day. The weather feels real. And the forests... they really look like forests (forests are really hard to make in video games).
  • Characters feel real! Some look good, but most are ugly peasants. It actually adds to the overall atmosphere. Also, NPCs don't all look the same.
  • The story doesn't disappoint (I'm looking at you Fallout 4!).
  • Fights feel great. Swing your sword from your horse or dismount to attack on foot. Throw a fire spell in your opponent's face, he stumbles and you cut him in half (why not?).
  • The music is fantastic.
  • The world feels way more lively than any of the Elder Scrolls. People working, walking around, kid playing in puddles. People comment on the weather, or you can overhear them have conversations. It really feels like this world doesn't just exist for you. You walk in a land ravaged by war and there isn't much you can do to help these people.

The Bad:

  • Okay I've seen very few bugs so far in this game but I'm pretty sure I've seen a dead guy's eyes continue looking around and blinking. That was definitely disturbing.
  • I blame the marketing campaign for this game for not convincing me to buy it right away when it launched. I bought Fallout 4 the week it launched (full price) and in retrospect I would rather have spent the money on the Witcher 3.

Just look at those screenshots and tell me The Witcher 3 doesn't look great. And you know what? Those images don't even do it justice.

The main city in the game (Novigrad) just looks amazing. You can almost smell the tiny streets of this medieval city. Here am I, boating around like a champ! The morning light looks amazing on the landscape

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