23 Mar
book review

The End of Eternity: Book Review

A time travel sci fi book that will blow your mind

The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov is not your regular old time travel novel: the Master of Sci-Fi pushes the concept of time travel to its limits with this book. What if time travel became very common in the future, and allowed various civilizations to trade goods across time? What if time travel was controlled by an admistrative organization living outside of time, using its power to shape entire eras, modify the future to avoid wars and manipulate the fate of humankind?

The good:

  • As always with Isaac Asimov, it's all logical and reflective, yet also deals with the complexity of human interactions.

  • You will be mind blown at least once or twice during the book, that's guaranteed! Even when you think you know what's coming then BAM! Turns out that wasn't it. Or even better, you did guess what was going to happen, had no idea about the real reason (it's hard to talk about a book without giving away spoilers).

The bad:

  • The plot revolves too much around the love story between the two main characters for my taste. I mean I came here to read science fiction damn it!

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