07 Mar
product review

Sony MDR 10-RNC Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Review

Almost perfect noise cancelling headphone

Noise-cancelling headphones are great for long flights, but also for when you want to concentrate at work or in any kind of noisy environment. It's true that they do a particularly good job at covering low frequencies (air conditioning, street noises, people walking around) and are not as effective at covering higher frequencies (people talking). In an office environment, I did find that those actually muffle all kind of noises (including conversations) enough to make it much easier to concentrate.

  • Great sound quality - music sounds extra crisp when the noise cancelling is on
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Nice carrying pouch
  • When noise cancelling mode is off, you still have a great pair of headphones
  • Not as expensive as the famous Bose, but still sound great (and probably look much better)
  • The batteries are drained somewhat quickly (one AAA battery) - I'd recommend to have rechargeable batteries around
  • When I used them upstairs at home, they pick up the radio (faintly, but still). It's not a problem when my music is playing, only during quiet moments.

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