12 Mar
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Rick & Morty: Cartoon Review

Simply the best cartoon series ever.

This has to be the best cartoon series I know. The main theme is silly science fiction and it's full of pop culture references. It's often hilarious and blows your mind from times to times.

The good:

Written by Dan Harmon (Community), which means every episode is smart and the series never fails to surprise.

Voices by Justin Roiland. The guy is the voice of both Rick and Morty. And it's safe to say that without him the series wouldn't be as awesome.

The bad:

Only two seasons??? I think they announced a third one but never confirmed when it would be released.

The series is full of clearly improvized bits for which they were probably just fooling around in the recording studio and added the animation on top of the voice acting - which isn't the classic way of animating as far as I know (check out the video below)

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