16 Mar
book review

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Space exploration, the hard way.

Humans one day discover an asteroid which turns out to contain an ancient astroport full of ships. They know nothing of the aliens who put those spaceships there, they can't steer the ships and don't even understand how they work. They just know how to make they start, the ships then go on autopilot and follow an unknown route at great speed, sometimes reaching other planets, sometimes going through stars or supernovae (making each trip extremely dangerous). A company starts exploiting this commercially and pays people to risk their lives on those flights, hoping they can bring back valuable pieces of alien technology.

I love the premise for this book and the idea that space exploration doesn't really happen thanks to the genius and technology but of humankind but is rather kickstarted by luck and greed (a much more realistic scenario).

On the plus side

  • Fantastic story
  • Relatable main character: some kind of antihero
  • Original narrative angle (main character remembers the events)

What I didn't like so much

  • The end is uhm... unexpected for sure, maybe slightly disappointing

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