30 Nov
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ACDSee Ultimate 10: Software Review

The perfect Adobe Lightroom alternative

A truly amazing software for serious amateur photographers. Probably the best Adobe Lightroom alternative out there. For me it even beats the former in many ways. I can say I did a serious comparison with other contenders in the category:

  • The Adobe Creative Suite (or creative cloud) is much more expensive and separates your workflow between too many programs in my opinion (Lightroom and Photoshop + plugins).
  • Paint Shop Pro is just way too slow and disfunctional

But my advice to you: stop reading reviews now, all of those programs offer a free trial, so just sign up for one and take your time to explore the options before making up your mind.


Why I fell in love with this ACDsee:

  • Awesome, fast workflow
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Truly professional level tools
  • Compatible with most Photoshop plugins (since version 9)
  • Runs fast: the ability to preview changes as you move sliders is really great (some competitors force you to apply changes first)
  • In edit mode, there is pretty much a kind of Photoshop adapted to photography, with layers and all
  • The library management is a breeze. It's just like the windows explorer, but with advanced photo indexing capabilities.

The bad

  • They release new versions a bit too often. I purchased ACDsee pro 7 in 2014. It's 2016 and we're already at version Ultimate 10? New versions don't really feel like major upgrades. They have cool new tools that push you to upgrade but that's it.
  • Somehow it doesn't seem to recognize my lens model in the exif files from my Pentax K3. I know the info is definitely in the files, ACDsee simply can't pull it somehow. Can't say it's a big deal since the rest of the info is there (focal length, aperture).

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